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  Name:   jeevankumar   Date:     2008-08-13
  Batch:   12   Location:   hyderabad
  Phone:   9000924449   Email:

  Name:   Md Mujeeb Ur Rahman   Date:     2008-08-05
  Batch:   10 th batch   Location:   gurgaon,itc management trainee
  Phone:   9999421123   Email:
  Message:   STUDENT OF CAI NOW WORKING with ITC management trainee    

  Name:   Rohit Menon   Date:     2008-08-09
  Batch:   2005-2008   Location:   New Delhi
  Phone:   09711216956   Email:
  Message:   Taj K.E.T - The Taj Palace - New Delhi    

  Name:   viswamitra vellanki   Date:     2008-08-17
  Batch:   2005-08   Location:   Delhi, kitchen excutivee trainee
  Phone:   09711216952   Email:
  Message:   TAJ kitchen executive training    

  Name:   SUSHANT CHAWLA   Date:     2008-08-22
  Batch:   9th Batch   Location:   Grand Princess (3rd cook)
  Phone:   09971806666   Email:
  Message:   Star Princess where i hav learned and achieved many things which was a great experience. thank you sudhakar sir and the best faculty in the college    

  Name:   lokesh babu bandi   Date:     2008-08-24
  Batch:   9th Batch   Location:   gold coast australia
  Phone:   0061432112423   Email:
  Message:   congratulations to Mr sudhakar rao,HOD n rest of the faculty for taking CAI to the world stage. It was amazing to here bout dubai competition...we are the best!!!    

  Name:   vamshidhar vummana   Date:     2008-09-06
  Batch:   1997-2000   Location:   executive chef
  Phone:   0044-7703070258   Email:
  Message:   executive chef crown plaza shoreditch london.    

  Name:   pratapraju.datla   Date:     2008-09-07
  Batch:   2003   Location:   sydney australia, chef
  Phone:   413251540   Email:
  Message:   our college taught me how to survive in life,chef sudhakar rao is the best person to teach students!we are really proud to be the students of the college.    

  Name:   gnana sri pisati   Date:     2008-09-13
  Batch:   2004-2007   Location:   london/ student
  Phone:   004407534963429   Email:
  Message:   hello all it is nice to hear, cai's participation in world competition. congratulations to all the faculty for success. all the best for future.    

  Name:   thulasi rao dumpala   Date:     2008-09-08
  Batch:   2000-2003   Location:   royal caribbean cruises
  Phone:   9490976468   Email:
  Message:   A STUDENT OD CAI NOW working for p&o cruise lines    

  Name:   Ravi Kumar Bodduluru   Date:     2008-09-08
  Batch:   2000-2003   Location:   New Jersey-U.S.A
  Phone:   14846364587   Email:
  Message:   THAKS TO CAI now working for TR.C.D.P ; Carnival Cruise Lines    

  Name:   Akshay Sharma   Date:     2008-09-14
  Batch:   VIII   Location:   Chennai
  Phone:   +919944809964   Email:
  Message:   Assistant Cook, Princess    

  Name:   lambert   Date:     2008-09-15
  Batch:   2005-2008   Location:   WMI-KET
  Phone:   +919873170614   Email:
  Message:   ITC MAURYA    

  Name:   chen pak hua   Date:     2008-09-17
  Batch:   10   Location:   third cook
  Phone:   09777405611   Email:
  Message:   costa cruise    

  Name:   Niraj Rawal   Date:     2008-09-19
  Batch:   200-2008   Location:   Costa Cruise/ 3rd cook
  Phone:   9885947898   Email:

  Name:   Sabari Nadh   Date:     2008-09-23
  Batch:   2003-2006   Location:   kolkata
  Phone:   09903344846   Email:
  Message:   The Oberoi Grand Kolkata    

  Name:   Siddharth Raghavan   Date:     2008-10-05
  Batch:   2002-2005   Location:   Bangalore, Product Development & Formulation Chef
  Phone:   +91 9945168082   Email:   siddharth.raghavan@unilever,com
  Message:   what's up at CAI?    

  Name:   Vijay Raj   Date:     2008-10-06
  Batch:   2003   Location:   Chef
  Phone:   +61-433-693-698   Email:
  Message:   Taj Chennai    

  Name:   Avishek Biswas   Date:     2008-10-07
  Batch:   2005 -2008   Location:   Hyderabad
  Phone:   09908215427   Email:
  Message:   Ista hotels Hyderabad    

  Name:   jyothireddy k   Date:     2008-10-29
  Batch:   2009-2012   Location:   degree final year,tirupati
  Phone:   9966998233   Email:
  Message:   it is my ambision, that's way i am selecting in this iactchefacademy    

  Name:   K.Ashwin   Date:     2008-11-05
  Batch:   2005-2008 bact&ca   Location:   india
  Phone:   9885172995   Email:
  Message:   wanted to registed in the allumni block to send the latest updates    

  Name:   Gurdit Singh Ajmani   Date:     2008-11-28
  Batch:   2005-08 BCT & CA   Location:   Mumbai
  Phone:   +91-9820054475   Email:
  Message:   Almost to become an entrepreneur.    

  Name:   Anand Raghavan   Date:     2008-12-10
  Batch:   2005-2008   Location:   Oberoi Hotels & Resorts (mum)
  Phone:   09769217634   Email:
  Message:   hi every one...!    

  Name:   y.krishna.chaitanya   Date:     2008-12-25
  Batch:   2004-07   Location:   theoberoi mumbai(
  Phone:   09769693309   Email:
  Message:   completed d.c,d.ptranning    

  Name:   Chaitanya Uppaluri(UK)   Date:     2009-03-13
  Batch:   2001-2004   Location:   Malaysia/sous chef (marriott)
  Phone:   016 9063005   Email:
  Message:   working on wonder cooking    

  Name:   E.C.Naveen   Date:     2009-03-07
  Batch:   2004-2007   Location:   Taj Coromandel
  Phone:   +919940640250   Email:
  Message:   I am very proud for having done my graduation From IACT&CA every culinarian no matter whom i met all appreciate the Collage, every one released that every product passing out from this college has been infused culinary skills excelling every other product of the same feature but different brand (not a brand of CAI). The college has given us every thing all the ammunition, weapons that are required for a culinary profession to win the war of the cullinarians . wishing every one all the very best and for the products yet to be out in the market ( present students ) utilize ever minute that you get in the college because industry is un like our college I doesn’t teach it only wants you to excel and perform , so to perform the best utilize every minute that you get in the college    

  Name:   Amarnath Mylavarapu   Date:     2009-01-01
  Batch:   2000-2003   Location:   USA/Supervisor
  Phone:   239-961-0013   Email:
  Message:   Participating in National pastry chef championships 2009 , New york , Visit    

  Name:   Mr. Aamer Jamal   Date:     2009-01-07
  Batch:   2001-2004   Location:   The Welcomgroup Management Institute,
  Phone:   +91-9873800985   Email:
  Message:   Working as a Kitchen Executive Trainee    

  Name:   sagar khadkikar   Date:     2009-02-02
  Batch:   1999-2002   Location:   jr.sous chef,dubai , madinat jumeirah,
  Phone:   00971503796806   Email:
  Message:   working and exprimenting molecular beyond imagination.check out these site    

  Name:   Venu Gopal   Date:     2009-06-05
  Batch:   2nd Batch   Location:   Johannesburg - South africa
  Phone:   +27791000719   Email:
  Message:   If you study in IACT, you can do anything in your life with confidence, Thanks to our Director/Principal Mr.Sudhakar N. Rao. (My Guru and inspiration)...    

  Name:   Bharat ganesh   Date:     2009-05-13
  Batch:   2001-2004   Location:   Hyderabad/ cruise consultant
  Phone:   9705787567   Email:
  Message:   Hi all. working as a cruise consultant in truly cruise part of hays travels. company mail    

  Name:   harikrishna goud   Date:     2009-05-15
  Batch:   2002   Location:   opted for higher studies presently in nzland
  Phone:   0064211147764   Email:

  Name:   srinath purushothaman   Date:     2009-05-01
  Batch:   2002-2005   Location:   dcdp
  Phone:   001-441-333 7117   Email:
  Message:   working with fairmont southampton princess,bermuda.    

  Name:   Bilal Shareef   Date:     2009-04-06
  Batch:   2003-2006   Location:   Manager (MPC Unit)
  Phone:   050349406   Email:,
  Message:   To meet the tremendous pressure from clients and company top management to go low on cost and at the same time to produce highest quality meals for me as a manager MPC unit it was going back to the initial days of Iact where we started with market surveys and preparing basic things (such as suaces, dressigns,making spices powd etc) and now i adviced my team to do what i learnt in 2003. Each subject learnt here is a treasure and each second spend at iact is an new learning experience which help its student to meet any challenge in this industry. A very special & hearty thanks to Chef Sudhakar and entire faculty for giving me a world class catering and culinary education. Best Culinary wishes. thank you,    

  Name:   Jamsheed Bhote   Date:     2009-05-26
  Batch:   2004-07 ( 9th batch)   Location:   Oberoi center for learning and development / Kitchen Management Associate
  Phone:   044 42065558   Email:
  Message:   Excellent infrastructure,excellent faculty overall can give rating 9/10    

  Name:   Chaitanya Ravindra Brahmanalkar   Date:     2009-07-28
  Batch:   2004-2007   Location:   Kitchen Executive, The park hotels, Chennai
  Phone:   09962200862   Email:,
  Message:   Completed Management Trainee program and working as Kitchen Executive for European kitchen in The Park, Chennai    

  Name:   Rahul Ohri   Date:     2009-05-10
  Batch:   2002-2005   Location:   Italianne kitchen chef-de partie/The Westin Hotel,Hyderabad
  Phone:   +91-9618605605   Email:
  Message:   Congratulations Mr Sudhakar N Rao & Faculty for great and consistent success in the field of Culinary arts and feel proud to be a part your team and extreamly happy that i started my career with such an institute.Thank you so much for everything.    

  Name:   Siddharth Raghavan   Date:     2009-08-14
  Batch:   2002-05   Location:   Unilever, Bangalore. Formulation Chef
  Phone:   +91 9945168082   Email:
  Message:   i am very happy see you all wish you best of luck at the academy    

  Name:   D.chakradhar   Date:     2011-06-26
  Batch:   2001-2004   Location:   SOUS CHEF,HMS HOST,TELANGANA
  Phone:   9494944061   Email:
  Message:   THANK U SUDHAKAR SIR. Every time we remember to say "THANK YOU", we experience nothing less than heaven on earth    

  Name:   P.Kiran Kumar   Date:     2011-06-26
  Batch:   2001-2004   Location:   Sous Chef, HMS Host.
  Phone:   09866169436   Email:
  Message:   Thanks to my college. all i was taught in my college that, “Cookery is not chemistry. It is an art. It requires instinct and taste rather than exact measurements.” Thanks to Mr.Rao and Akshay...    

  Name:   Ravichandra soma   Date:     2012-12-28
  Batch:   2008-11   Location:   Mumbai
  Phone:   9930300042   Email:
  Message:   Congrates to chef Sudhakar N rao and Team    

  Name:   AMIT KAUL   Date:     2011-03-05
  Batch:   2007-10   Location:   KET, ITC WELCOMGROUP(WMI)
  Phone:   07503686466   Email:
  Message:   hta up to CAI    

  Name:   N.Satya Narayana Murthy   Date:     2013-04-22
  Batch:   2002-2004   Location:   Hyderabad-Bussiness
  Phone:   23418064   Email:   nookala.murthy01!
  Message:   The college offers a wonderful oppurnity to people who are willing and dedicated to make there profession as a chef.Passionate people who want to be chefs.This is the place for them to look for    

  Name:   Bikky Singh Panwar   Date:     2013-05-01
  Batch:   2003-2006   Location:   Banglore,Food Production Lecturer
  Phone:   9742070033   Email:
  Message:   I am proud to be the Alumni of Brand CAI.This college will mould student for future chef    

  Name:   G.Anjani Rahul   Date:     2013-05-27
  Batch:   2008-2011   Location:   Mt-TajSats-Banglore
  Phone:   7411304888   Email:
  Message:   I fee proud to study in this college.The faculty here teaches the best that you cannot find anywhere.After completing my studies got placed in TajSats.When i was working their I remembered my college days what iam missing THE PRACTICLE PART-Every ingrediesnts which i want that used to be their in the college THEORYKNOWLEDGE-The study materials given by the college was simple and cool every one can understand. I tell my juioners the Best you show the intrest you get best of career --ALL THE BEST-CAI ROCKS -    

  Name:   Rishab Shah   Date:     2013-05-27
  Batch:   2008   Location:   Mumbai,KET(Voyaser) JW Marriot
  Phone:   09930308123   Email:
  Message:   Really good platform to start your'CULINARY'future with good culinary skills.Best college to grow.    

  Name:   Padala Padma Rao   Date:     2013-05-15
  Batch:   2005   Location:   Hyderabad,F&B Lecturer(Sri shakthi college of Mgmt)
  Phone:   966287389   Email:
  Message:   Apart from skill,Knowledge,Attitute CAI provides the guidance of surving in the Hospitality Industry(Which is most important)Whatever Iam today it is just because of CAI    

  Name:   Mohd Imran   Date:     2013-05-27
  Batch:   2011   Location:   TajSats Mumbai-chef Trainee
  Phone:   08655757909   Email:
  Message:   Feel like comming back to this academy its like my second Home and Love this place :)    

  Name:   Kiran Deepak Joshi   Date:     2013-05-27
  Batch:   2009-12   Location:   TajSats,Mumbai-Chef Trainee
  Phone:   09167669194   Email:
  Message:   This place is too good which made my career and all of the faculty takes responsibility of each and every student like a gaurdian.Iam proud of this place as my college and i passed from this college.    

  Name:   K.Akhil   Date:     2015-01-10
  Batch:   2013   Location:   Greenpark,Chennai
  Phone:   812185858520   Email:
  Message:   College has given a very good knowledge and exposure of the industry and made us ready for work.I really thank the college especially Chef Sudhakar sir for giving me the oppurtunities during 3 years of college and the college is very helpfull    

  Name:   Uma Mahesh   Date:     2016-02-04
  Batch:   2012   Location:   Demi chef,Princess
  Phone:   9959578666   Email:
  Message:   CAI is Best for ever Nothing more to EXPLAIN    

  Name:   Pratap Raju Datla   Date:     2016-01-30
  Batch:   2003   Location:   Chef Manager,JUICY CHOOSE ,SYDNEY
  Phone:   61 452558499   Email:
  Message:   Excellent college learnt lots of things and now in a good career    

  Name:   V Ramchander Reddy   Date:     2015-12-19
  Batch:   2006   Location:   Hyderabad
  Phone:   9848687526   Email:
  Message:   Best of Luck for Guinness world record and next upcoming records    

  Name:   Kala vikas j Kolloju   Date:     2015-12-20
  Batch:   2006   Location:   Hyderabad,Industrial Canteen Kitchen head
  Phone:   9985942334   Email:
  Message:   Great job as always,CAI @Guinness world records    

  Name:   L Stalin   Date:     2015-12-21
  Batch:   2010   Location:   Mysore,Jr sous chef
  Phone:   9913194690   Email:
  Message:   A Place where you can learn great things,which will help you all though your life,personaly and professionaly,Proud to be a student of CAI    

  Name:   Pritpal singh   Date:     2016-02-27
  Batch:   2010-2013   Location:   The OBEROI Banglore-Indian CDP Chef
  Phone:   07259994401   Email:
  Message:   CAI help me to be discipline,motivational,hard-working and dedicated chef.without the blessings of faculty,it was very difficult for me to succeed.Thanks a lot for Sudhakar sir,Akshay sir and Attique sir.    

  Name:   AJAY PETWAL   Date:     2015-04-08
  Batch:   2011   Location:   Seabourn Cruise Lines
  Phone:   988555205   Email:
  Message:   The college is as always excellent .got to learn so much of things from here and atmosphere & infrastructure are very good & cannot compare this institute with any other in all terms    

  Name:   G.pugazh venthan   Date:     2015-04-08
  Batch:   2005-2008   Location:   own bussiness-Bake shop,Chennai
  Phone:   919962597483   Email:
  Message:   India's no.1st place in teaching culinary arts.I learned only in this college.I can now work anywhere.    

  Name:   S.Mahesh   Date:     2015-02-06
  Batch:   2011   Location:   chirala
  Phone:   7730030443   Email:
  Message:   This college give the best future if you like to become a chef.I am running Family resturant in chiral after my 3 years graduation.Thanks CAI    

  Name:   Deepti Shika   Date:     2015-02-06
  Batch:   2014,PGDCA   Location:   Hyderabad
  Phone:   9160350644   Email:
  Message:   was an overall a very good experience atudying at CAI,which helped me to enhance my theory as well as practical knowledge.    

  Name:   Madapait Ravi   Date:     2015-02-06
  Batch:   2012   Location:   2nd commis,Princess cruise lines
  Phone:   9550853259   Email:
  Message:   CAI is one of the best college in India.I learnt so many things from CAI.I got the best placement .Thanks    

  Name:   V.Palguna Chowdary   Date:     2015-07-17
  Batch:   2009-2012   Location:   CDT and CDP ,The Oberoi Moto vessel Vrinda
  Phone:   8606208670   Email:
  Message:   Passing out from BRAND CAI had given me a basic foundation on cooking and culinary arts. And i Thank each and every one for training me as a successful Chef.And the reason why iam still working with The OBEROI HOTELS AND RESORTS.    

  Name:   K sandeep Yadav   Date:     2015-08-31
  Batch:   2013   Location:   CDP,Taj group of hotels Mumbai
  Phone:   9619116108   Email:
  Message:   This is my one of the best college,which have been taught lot's of thing,which i can surrive anywhere.I proudly say that My success of life is CAI    

  Name:   L SUBBA REDDY   Date:     2015-08-14
  Batch:   2010-2011   Location:   Asst Resturant Mnanger,USA
  Phone:   0017185012647   Email:
  Message:   Brand CAI ,A dream to every applicant to study in and become a successful culinarian in the Globe,Iam really fortunate to get shaped under the legend SUDHAKAR N RAO. Sir,I really owe to the BRAND CAI ,for the career they provided with their extensive leadership and practical skills.    

  Name:   Saumya Mitra   Date:     2015-04-07
  Batch:   2014   Location:   Trident Hyderabad
  Phone:   09415042214   Email:
  Message:   Iam really proud to be a part of the BRAND CAI,the learnings i have been through here,will be always helpful for me throughout my life.CAI produces not only good CHEFS but the 'GREAT ONES'    

  Name:   PRATEEK   Date:     2015-04-18
  Batch:   2007-2010   Location:   Hotel Hilton,Pittsburgh,USA
  Phone:   7565678334   Email:
  Message:   The exposure from CAI was something which helped me face the international industry and these trends,the trends which is followed now has been tought to me at CAI during 2007-10 itself when i was in BCT&CA .I mean to say this college always teaches the advance trends and techniques in the industry .ALL the best CAI-you Rock as usual    

  Name:   Payal Rajankar   Date:     2014-07-30
  Batch:   2010-2013   Location:   Commis,Trident ,Hyderabad
  Phone:   244180062   Email:
  Message:   very modern equipments & well informed faculty.Thankyou    

  Name:   Micheal Alexander   Date:     2014-07-30
  Batch:   2010-2011   Location:   HOT,Fairmont,Hotel,Jaipur
  Phone:   8290613162   Email:
  Message:   Words get less when you hear about BRAND CAI.This college has thought me a lot more than profession that is discipline and a lot of patience which is very important for the hotel industry.From my 1st year of college today Chef Sudhakar N Rao is my role model its just because of his planning and execution in getting this college a Brand name among the top most Culinary Schools in the world.    

  Name:   Sai Krishna   Date:     2014-07-30
  Batch:   200-11   Location:   3rd Cook,Costa Cruise Lines,Italy
  Phone:   9010493433   Email:
  Message:   Iam proud to be a student of culinary academy of india    

  Name:   P Shankar Reddy   Date:     2014-07-30
  Batch:   2009-2012   Location:   3rd Cook ,Costa Cruise Lines,Italy
  Phone:   8096256480   Email:
  Message:   Iam proud to be an CAI students    

  Name:   K.Vivek Kumar   Date:     2014-07-30
  Batch:   2010-13   Location:   HOT,The Oberoi Grand,Kolkata
  Phone:   8981372711   Email:
  Message:   Shaping my passion & giving a path to my career & my future--Thanks CAI    

  Name:   Naresh Vadlam   Date:     2014-07-30
  Batch:   2008-2011   Location:   C.D.P,Hotel Jaipur,Marriott
  Phone:   09549995257/9491225455   Email:
  Message:   One of the best college for Culinary learning,best infra structure,modern equipment.    

  Name:   Phani Rohit   Date:     2014-07-30
  Batch:   2010-2013   Location:   Operational Trainee,Kolkata,Grand Oberoi
  Phone:   9748998574/7893516255   Email:
  Message:   One of the Top college for culinary arts    

  Name:   Jhoudam Amarjit Singh   Date:     2014-07-30
  Batch:   2010-2013   Location:   Further studies
  Phone:   08974452418   Email:
  Message:   One of the best Culinary College in India and Best for Cruise lines placements.    

  Name:   Puppala Venkatesh   Date:     2014-07-30
  Batch:   2008-2011   Location:   3rd cook,Costa cruise lines,Italy
  Phone:   9014680440   Email:
  Message:   It is one of the best college in the World.We can learn lot of things and discipline.    


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