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Photograph Kitchen’s Name Description

Basic International

Low Resolution
Introduction to Gastronomy

Basic training lab with facilities to impart basic knife skills, ingredient technology and produce individual portions of menu with presentation.


Bread Art

Low Resolution
Advanced Baking Skills
A well planned facility to provide indepth knowledge of baking sciences and the baking technology of international breads and baked goods.

Indian Bounty

Low Resolution
Regional Indian Cuisines
Treasure trove of Indian Regional delicacies and traditional fares cooked in abundance.

A’la Carte Kitchen


Low Resolution
World Cuisines, Plating Trends, & Gourmet Food
State of the art lab to challenge the gourmand in you for a chef’s journey towards perfection.

Edwald Notter

Low Resolution
Pastry & Confectionary Arts
A whole gamut of sweet creations that blend to a heightened level of creativity required for the Grand Finale

Sugar & Chocolate Studio

Low Resolution
Advanced Confectionary Center- Pieces
Our own work shop to nurture the finesse of this rare art.

Cruise Galley

High Resoltion
Low Resolution
Simulated Line Kitchen
The first simulated galley of high hygiene, fast paced productivity and the roll of high seas combined with a global standard un like any other.

Culinary Arts & Skills Kitchen

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Larder, Cold Buffet, & Edible Sculptures
The realm of culinary artistry that showcases intricate works of food art and sculpture with an inspiration that transforms the raw into refinement and new dimension.

Flavours / High Spirits

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A la Carte Restaurant
To add to the sumptuous Gourmet food and wine this bistro doubles up as the means to guide the young chefs in the delicate art of food & beverage service.

Paul Bocuse & Jean Pierre Troigros

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India’s best Culinary Library
The annals of culinary corridors through eyes of numerous authors and publications that lead to the path less traveled.



CULINARY ACADEMY OF INDIA Affiliated to OsmaniaUniversity
6-3-1219/6A, Umanagar, Begumpet,
Hyderabad - 16, A.P., India.